Bénédicte is a French artist from Paris where she was raised and first practiced art in the form of design and dance.

Her work comprises watercolor paintings, ink drawings, etchings and textile art.

You can find her artwork on silk at: www.blackpugfashion.com.

She was mentored by Jeannie Cusenier, a French painter and winner of the prestigious Prix des Beaux Arts. One of the key piece of advice she received was to let her imagination unleash without getting stuck with academic rules.

During her High School years, she completed further artistic studies at the "Ateliers des Arts Décoratifs" and "Ateliers des Beaux-Arts".

She fell in love with California while studying business at the University of San Diego and moved there permanently, leaving Paris for the Californian lifestyle. She has extensive global business experience (Europe, USA, Asia) with several world re-known fashion labels.



San Diego, California

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