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Bénédicte is a French artist, born and raised in Paris.

Her work comprises watercolor paintings, ink drawings, etchings and textile art.

You can find her hand painted silk scarves for sale at:

She was mentored at a young age by Jeannie Cusenier (1909 - 1994), a French painter and winner of the prestigious Prix des Beaux Arts with whom she met regularly to talk about art. Jeannie had a major influence on her as an unusually independent and free spirited woman for her times. She encouraged her to let her imagination flow to preserve her unique style. The strong bound between the two of them lives on and remains an important source of inspiration for Bénédicte's artwork.

Bénédicte fell in love with California while studying business at the University of San Diego. In 1997 she moved to San Francisco and discovered California and the West coast where nature inspired numerous artworks.

Since 2008, she has adopted a more nomadic lifestyle, moving often to work and explore new cultures, which continues to fuel her imagination.

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